The Importance of AC Maintenance

Having your air conditioner break down, especially on hot summer days, is extremely frustrating. Many people don’t realize the benefits of providing routine maintenance for their air conditioning systems. In general, you should have your air conditioner inspected and maintained at least once a year, preferably before the summer season. This can help ensure your unit is in proper working condition and ready to keep your home or business cool and comfortable.

When performing air conditioning maintenance, our technicians will:

· Inspect the entire system for leaks, cracks, and general wear and tear

· Clean or replace the filters


· Clean the evaporator coil


· Measure the amount of refrigerant in the system

· Clean or unclog the evaporator drain

· Remove debris and dirt from the outdoor unit

· Inspect and clean the duct system in your home or business


By having our team inspect, clean, and repair your system on a seasonal basis, you can enjoy a fully functional air conditioner all year long. Regular maintenance can also help your air conditioning unit last longer. Over time, your air conditioner will become corroded. The ductwork, which transports air to the individual rooms in your home or business, may also become dirty, cracked, or leaky. By handling minor issues through routine maintenance, you can avoid more expensive issues down the road.

Our Eskimo Joe Club Membership Planstarts at just $169 per year for residential customers, and $369 per year for commercial customers. Our plan comes with a variety of services and discounts, including discounts on repairs and installations and two 18-to-28 point inspections. Don’t hesitate to contact our teamtoday to take advantage of this offer!

Understanding the Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Providing seasonal AC maintenance can provide many benefits. It helps your system work more efficiently, which will allow you to save money on utility bills each month. Furthermore, it will protect the quality of your indoor air. Poor indoor air quality is a main cause of allergies, respiratory infections, and pulmonary disorders. Leaky ducts and dirty filters often lead to poor air quality, because the system is not able to efficiently block harmful pollutants from your indoor air supply.

Poor indoor air quality may result from:

· Bacteria

· Pollen and allergens

· Mold and mildew

· Chemical fumes

· Smoke

· Dirt

· Other harmful particles

In order to prevent these from entering your system, you must provide routine maintenance. This will ensure your AC’s filters are clean and functional, and that the ductwork is properly sealed. Thus, providing air conditioner maintenance can not only help you save money and enjoy a longer lasting system, but it can also protect the respiratory health of your family or employees.


We Provide AC Maintenance Programs for Your Convenience

At Tallahassee Air, we are passionate about providing timely and efficient services to residential and commercial clients. If you want to avoid costly repairs in the future and enjoy a high quality air conditioning system, our AC maintenance programs could provide a solution. We will inspect the unit regularly to catch minor issues before they turn into larger problems. Our Tallahassee air conditioning technicians have extensive experience, and will handle any issues in a quick and professional manner to leave you satisfied.

Contact Eskimo Joetoday to request a free system estimate.

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Jean Quick
Jean Quick
03:17 30 May 18
I Highly recommend Tallahassee Air. Their prices were unbeatable but more importantly their customer service was beyond exceptional. Our AC went out on a weekend and after hours and we had portable air conditioners delivered to us within an hour and they began working immediately. All technicians were very knowledgeable and courteous. They made sure to leave our home cleaner then it was when they arrived. My house has never been cooler. Thanks guys!!!!
Calvin Ross
Calvin Ross
23:52 09 Aug 18
Had AC repairman Ryan Houston respond to my home. He took the time to find the problem and went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied. I am often suspicious of repairmen because of the “ripoffs”. But Ryan gave me a different view of honesty. Thanks for sending him my way. God bless you!
Roger Henson
Roger Henson
23:29 20 Jun 18
We needed insulation and duct work done. We tried to obtain several estimates, unfortunately the local Havana businesses were not interested . Tallahassee Air came through with a reasonable quote. Laramie performed the work very thoroughly. He was very professional, polite and would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you for the fine work!
troy fralick
troy fralick
11:37 20 Jun 18
Finally, A company that listens to your needs. My A.C. was down for 13 days waiting for 2 other companies to finish there repairs. I reached out to jimmy. At 5 pm yesterday. We had cold air by 7pm last night. Leremy, the tech was very attentive and listened to our concerns. This lead to his experienced touch solving the problem in short order. Thanks guys, Troy
Gordon Waldo
Gordon Waldo
21:53 09 Aug 18
Ryan Houston may be young but he is a brilliant AC repair man. He found and fixed a problem that four previous technicians had not fixed. After 15 nights without AC we will be able to sleep tonight. I am past being pleased I am estactic!!!!
Bill Trumpler
Bill Trumpler
14:02 07 Sep 18
I wholeheartedly recommend Tallahassee Air for your AC needs. Our unit stopped working over the Labor Day weekend and a technician was out within hours. Ryan Houston did and excellent job of explaining the issue and our options. He was very friendly and polite and fixed the problem in a timely and thorough manner. We were so impressed with the service that we signed up for a maintenance membership and will be using Tallahassee Air to install a new unit. Thanks, Ryan! Addendum: Ryan also installed our new unit, and despite a few ordering snafus he went out of his way to make sure we were taken care of as quickly as possible, providing us with a portable unit for the bedroom and working well into the morning hours to get the job done. Ryan has an impressive work ethic and should be commended for the excellent customer service he provides.
Dakoda Hill
Dakoda Hill
22:37 03 Sep 18
My AC had a issues and Ryan Houston was able to access the situation and fix the problem efficiently and professionally. Very courteous young man with knowledge and drive to go far in HVAC field. Thank you
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