Duct Installation & Repair in Tallahassee

Installation & Replacement of AC Ductwork

Your air ducts are a hidden part of your HVAC system which you likely never give a second thought to once your equipment is installed. The ducts hide away behind your ceiling or within your walls and carry air from room to room within your home or business. Although hidden, the ducts are actually one of the most important components of your HVAC system. If your ducts have become damaged or were poorly installed, it can impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your AC. At Tallahassee Air Conditioning and Electrical, LLC, we can provide you with high-quality and reliable air duct services.

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Problems Leaky Ducts Can Cause

Having clean ducts is just one aspect of taking care of your ductwork. There are many other causes of problems within your ducts, such as normal wear and tear, poor material, bad installation, and even infestations. When there are problems in your air ducts, it can cause issues with your AC and furnace.

A few common problems that leaky ducts cause include:

  • Contaminants are let in the same way air is let out
  • Your utility bills will likely be higher than usual
  • Your system will have to work harder to cool down your home

Why Replace Your Air Ducts vs. Cleaning Them?

Many homeowners are aware of their ducts enough to know that they should be cleaned out every few years. However, cleaning is not sufficient to take care of problems within your ducts such as leaks or damage. Sufficient damage requires the expertise of a Tallahassee duct repair technician who can find the holes or leaks in your ducts and repair it. In some cases, we may need to install new duct work if the damage is extensive.

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