Ac Units Are Fans Of Fans

Ac Units Are Fans Of Fans

Air conditioning units and fans can work together for your benefit. Fans are a great way to circulate the fresh air throughout your house. It eliminates added stress on your air conditioner and saves you money on your electrical bill.

As the Fan Turns

Do not wait until it becomes unpleasantly warm inside of your house, to turn your fan on. In doing such, you can overwork your AC unit. Instead, turn on the fan with the AC to have them work together.

Be sure that your fan is turned in the correct direction. For the warmer months, the fan should be pushing the air downwards. You should feel a light wind coming from the fan. If it feels like it is not bringing the chilly air down; look up at the fan to confirm that it is turning in a counter-clockwise direction.

In order to switch your ceiling fan over to the correct blade direction, first turn your fan off. Next, look near the motor casing. The switch is located near the housing unit. Turn the switch into the opposite direction.  Finally, turn the fan back on and you should be able to feel the cool breeze coming down.

The Circulatory Method

Now that you have your fan spinning in the correct manner; you need to turn your AC on to match the outside temperature.  For example, if it is 90 degrees outdoors, then set your thermostat to 88 or 86 degrees. Turn on your fan and allow time for the air to properly circulate.

By keeping the air set close to what the temperature is outside, the AC does not burn out. When you turn your fan on with your AC, you have the potential to drop down by another 4 degrees.

Your AC, though blowing out colder air, tends to keep the air stationary. Depending on its location, it may not be able to properly keep the flow of air to your advantage. Either a ceiling fan, or a floor fan, will help to keep the air flowing. If your room is on the second floor, you may notice that it gets warmer since heat rises. Having a fan can interrupt the stale cold air and force it to flow around the room.

When to End

If you are not in a room, do not run the fan. Whether it be a ceiling fan, or a stand-alone fan, they are only good for cooling you down. Remember to turn off any/all fans to save on your electricity.

If you and your family are gone for the day, turn your AC off, while keeping all the blinds and curtains closed. This helps to prevent your house from becoming uncomfortably warm and keeps your electricity bill down. Should your AC unit fail you contact Tallahassee Air Conditioning and Electrical, LLC. Led by “Eskimo Joe” and his highly trained professionals. Offering 24/7 emergency services, and the ability to book online. You can chill knowing that you are in good hands.


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