Eskimo Joe gives away $400 for Tallahassee AC & Electrical’s First Contest

Eskimo Joe loves to host contests and give away great prizes! Last Friday, July 10th, Joe posted a purple mystery picture to the Tallahassee A/C & Electrical Facebook page and asked his followers to determine what the picture was of. He had an overwhelming response and in the end announced two winners, Kay Kay Flexin and Nikki Court, who each received their choice of $200 or a new 32-inch TV.


Do you know what is pictured in the photo above? That’s exactly what Eskimo Joe asked his followers, and boy did he have some great laughs at the responses he received. From “wet insulation” and “storm clouds” to “Eskimo Joe’s vision after a night of drinking Purple Passions”- he heard it all! On Monday, July 13th, Joe revealed the answer: Ube Ice Cream- one of Joe’s favorite flavors! He then announced the two winners.


Our first winner Kay Kay Flexin guessed the correct answer, ice cream. Our second winner, Nikki Court, was randomly selected from all of the contest participants who liked the Tallahassee A/C & Electrical Facebook page, shared the post, and gave their best guesses. Each winner was given their choice of $200 or a new TV; both walked away with $200 as seen in the photo below! So now you know, it pays to follow Joe!


Be sure to like the Tallahassee A/C & Electrical Facebook page to hear about contests, giveaways, and great deals on HVAC services. From AC maintenance & repair to unit installation, Eskimo Joe knows how to keep you and your home cool! Call Tallahassee A/C & Electrical at 850.702.5550 to learn more about our HVAC services.

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