Commercial AC Repair

Commercial AC Repair, Tallahassee FL

Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical is equipped with a full-service commercial heating and cooling division that is dedicated to the indoor comfort of all businesses. Our commercial ac repair staff has quality knowledge and training to install and service all makes and models needed for commercial HVAC systems. Our commercial ac repair team also works diligently to ensure top air quality for indoor business comfort. Eskimo Joe is a business man who knows what it takes to keep your business cool in the summer, and warm in the winter!

The HVAC professionals at Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical guarantee unprecedented customer satisfaction by providing years of hands-on experience with a line of the world’s most trusted products. The comfort of your staff and clients depends on our performance and we take your business very seriously! We want to provide your business with the best HVAC services while standing true to fair prices. And if not all of these are followed Eskimo Joe will surely pelt them with snow balls…

Here at Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical, we understand that each business is unique in its heating and cooling needs. Eskimo Joe absolutely loves to take on fresh challenges! When you call to set up an appointment, our certified specialist’s factor in square footage, number of rooms, insulation, windows, climate, local and regional utility costs and allergies into a system that won’t break your bank! We work to provide the latest technology with the quietest operations and unparalleled reliability.
There is no place in the Tallahassee area more prepared for annual HVAC maintenance than Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical. We’ll tailor an individualized maintenance plan with you step-by-step to ensure top quality services that fit your budget! With regular maintenance your equipment’s lifespan will be extended substantially, work more efficiently, and best of all save you money! We make sure to provide thorough inspections to prevent contaminant build up inside of the return ductwork, which would eventually overwhelm your filter and pollute the air you breathe.



Commercial AC Repair

A sudden breakdown of your HVAC system can cause a costly interruption to your business. Let Eskimo Joe eliminate the heat and soothe the burn of a broken down AC system! At Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical, we recognize the importance of top quality, fast and friendly service. It’s our goal to ensure your business remains running efficiently while providing you, your staff and clients a comfortable environment.

What happens if your business breaks down outside of regular work hours? No problem! Give Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical a call and our specialists will be happy to help ASAP! The training and care we take to stay up-to-date on every make and model of HVAC system allows our specialists to handle any repair, start to finish while leaving your business in perfect climate conditions.

Whether it’s a new installation, replacement, repair, maintenance or emergency services, Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical has you covered! We are here to exceed your expectations and to help you keep your business running comfortably in the Tallahassee area. Join our growing list of satisfied business owners and give us a call today!