Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning Services

There is nothing better than coming home and escaping the Florida heat! Eskimo Joe’s full service Tallahassee Air Conditioning Team will satisfy the polar bear in all of us! Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical stands with our customers every step of the way — from installation to maintenance and even repair when that unfortunate time comes. We have partnered with Bryant, a leading names in the HVAC industry, to offer a variety of top-notch products, unbeatable prices, and cool savings that we love to pass on to you.

New Air Conditioning or Replacement Air Conditioning Installation

Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical technicians are trained and supervised by NATE certified managers to ensure that your home will be fitted with the proper AC system. One of the first steps we take is to measure the total square footage of your home so that Eskimo Joe can provide the perfect amount of polar power! We will also remove and dispose of your old AC in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. If you’re looking for knowledgeable and friendly service, with the coldest AC to boot, give Eskimo Joe a call today at Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical!

Air Conditioning Maintenance, Air Conditioning Repair, Air Conditioning Service

Once your new and improved AC system has been installed we offer full service maintenance plans to insure you get the most out of your system. In order to beat the heat we recommend giving us a call. No matter the time, day or night, our certified specialists will get the job done right. Cruisin’ with Eskimo Joe, your comfort and safety are our top priority. We even offer ongoing 24/7 emergency repair services to provide quality care when disaster strikes!



Heating Services

It’s a well-known fact that even though Florida likes crank up the heat, there are times in the winter temperatures can get pretty chilly. Let Eskimo Joe, a veteran of breaking the ice, keep you comfortable! We offer low-energy products through Bryant that will keep your heating costs to a minimum while ensuring your comfort levels are at maximum! Contact Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical today before the unexpected chill hits. We will ensure your heating system is properly installed and maintained for many years to come!

Heating / Furnace Installation

Too small of a heating unit will leave you shivering; too large of heating unit will expend energy and rack up your bills. Our experienced technicians will take care to measure your home and ensure that properly sized and powered heating equipment will be installed. Our goal is to ensure high energy efficiency at a low cost to you!

There are two popular options for homes in Tallahassee. The most common is a furnace powered by gas or electricity. A furnace can be standalone or part of a modified air handler. We also offer installation services for heat pumps, which use the same devices as your air conditioning system to heat air from outside and distribute it throughout your home. A heat pump is especially effective in Tallahassee because it can heat your home solely with the heat present in outdoor air and requires no supplemental heat.”

Heating / Furnace Repair

Once your new heating system has been installed, our goal is to keep it running optimally for the next 10-20 years with minimal repairs. Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical offers quarterly to annual visits so that our skilled specialists can inspect every aspect of your heating system to ensure its longevity. Eskimo Joe recommends that in order to avoid unexpected snow balls you get your heating system checked out before the cold weather hits! We’ll even make sure that the equipment stays up to date and continues to provide safety and comfort to you at little cost. Avoid costly repairs and give Eskimo Joe at Tallahassee Air Conditioning and Electrical a call today!



Indoor Air Quality Services with Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical

Tired of sniffling and sneezing? Do you have a persistent tickle in your throat or allergy related inflammation? Call Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical today! In Florida dust and pollen are everywhere! Don’t let it affect you indoors! Indoor air quality is key to preventing further allergy irritation within the comfort of your home. Eskimo Joe has just the thing for you – an indoor air quality system that will filter your air leaving it allergen free!

Air Cleaners

While it’s normal for allergens to become trapped in your home and build up over time, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to get rid of them. No allergen is too big or too small for Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical to eliminate! Electronic air cleaners are on hand and ready for installation to remove even the smallest of particles – even smoke and gases! With our fully certified and train air quality specialists we are guaranteed to maximum your air quality to the fullest extent.


A lack of moisture in the air can become a major source of irritation for anyone with respiratory problems. In order to help ease any respiratory issues our talented technicians can install a specialized humidifier as a component of your duct work! The humidifier will monitor the moisture in your home, making sure the PERFECT amount of humidity is pushed through your vents. It will ensure all members of your family are healthy and comfortable regardless of health conditions!

Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

Your air ducts are like the veins that supply airflow to your entire system. Properly functioning, clean ducts are crucial to keep you healthy and comfortable, and at Tallahassee Air Conditioning and Electrical we are more than happy to offer annual maintenance and cleaning! Give Eskimo Joe and his team a call today! *We Only Clean Hard Duct, There is no equipment that cleans flexible duct efficiently.




Commercial HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Services

Any good business owner knows that in order to run a safe, happy business an up to date, efficient HVAC system, plumbing system, and electrical system are key! No one wants to work or deal business with an uncomfortable environment that leaves people questioning. At Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical we understand the specialized needs of a commercial sized space; it’s unique compared to a home, but no matter the differences we can assure that all of your systems are running efficiently while saving you and your business money. We freeze our rates to be low and cost efficient. You’re guaranteed to benefit from our fast, efficient, money-saving services!

Commercial HVAC Installations & Repairs

Scared to see how much it’ll cost you to install, update, and/or repair your commercial HVAC system(s)? Don’t be! Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical is guaranteed to have a plan that will work for your business and budget! Not only do we take the time to factor in every aspect of your business to find the most cost effective plan, but we also make sure whatever HVAC system we install is the perfect fit for your commercial space. You won’t have to worry about running up costs over and under heating or cooling. We can service your business no matter the weather, hot or cold! Whether it’s a brand new system for a brand new business, or if you’re interested in updating today Tallahassee Air Conditioning & Electrical is here to help!